Furniture Disposal in Wiltshire

Furniture Disposal in Wiltshire

Has the time come to say goodbye to a well-used piece of furniture that is cluttering space or isn’t quite fitting in with your property’s surroundings?

Worn or used furniture doesn’t necessarily become waste unless it has sustained serious damage. Property furnishings that have visible wear and tear or are simply no longer required can be donated, sold, or collected by a furniture clearance company like ourselves.

Donate the item

Items with light wear and tear, but are still in good usable condition can be donated to someone in your community and this is also a great way to help the environment and avoid landfill.

If you decide to donate your used furniture, you have the option to use our furniture clearance service to pick up and deliver the item to a charity shop of your choice, this may also save you from paying disposal charges for some items.

Donation locations

  • Charity Retail Association enables you to find the nearest charity shop within your neighbourhood.
  • KFR refurbish furniture and white goods so that quality items are available to low income families.

Donations are also accepted for residents staying in homeless and domestic violence shelters.

Contact Hire a Man and Van to pick-up and deliver your items.

Sell Old Furniture

There is a huge market for people looking for secondhand items, most common are individuals and businesses looking for recycling / upcycling items to sell on. Websites like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace are great platforms to connect to people looking to recycle your furniture and items. All it takes is a quick clean up, take some good photographs and measurements and share to see what someone is willing to pay.

Some local shops also take in furniture and will give you some money depending on the style and condition of the item.

Furniture Removal

If you have a lot of items, or need to clear a space in a hurry a furniture clearance company can be a good option.
For furniture disposal in Wiltshire, imply give us a call to discuss what you have and what your options are for donating, recycling or disposal.


Disposing of furniture at landfill should be your last resort, but occasionally it is the only option.

Simply contact us to schedule an appointment and we come and collect the item.

Licensed waste carriers

Choosing a reputable furniture clearance company is very important.

Low clearance costs usually mean that your items won’t end up where they should.

As the owner of the waste it is your legal responsibility to source a “fully licensed waste carrier” with the environment agency. Failure to do so will result in a hefty fine!

We are a licenced waste carrier and you can see our licence here.

For more information about our services, including furniture disposal in Wiltshire and the surrounding area, please get in touch.